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The typical slogan of Italgiunti 


From just a simple idea we manage to get vehicles, boats and industrial machines moving, pumps and mills in action. In a few words, we realize the movement.
We bring the true “made in Italy” to many sectors, which are essential for the Italian and Global economy, thanks to many clients who have believed in us for years. 

The synergies give rise to an excellent product for industrial vehicles at the service of eco-sustainability, for firefighting, forestry and snow service, in land consolidation and drilling, in yachting and speed boating; but also for paper mills, steel  and rolling mills at industrial level. All without forgetting where we came from, which is the industrial vehicle: medium, heavy, quarry yard and busses. For all these applications we can repair or sell a shaft even in a daytime.

“Italgiunti turns needs into reality”: it also means evolution and planning, as the whole light vehicular range for SUV, citycars, 4x4  racing and off-road vehicles, that’s what we call our  “INTEGRAL PASSION”. Following this passion, we developed a product called “power joint” for heavy duty off road succeeding in patenting the DUBLE LUBED JOINTin 2020. This is an important step forward for the lovers of extreme.

We are proud of our products, we will be going on to this road, even if sometimes it could be tough and disconnected, because we are Italian!!!

The certainty of craftsmanship and 'Made in Italy'.

Italgiunti takes care of pre and post sell by guaranteeing not just the help during the decision-making process of the application, but also the assurance to have the same fast answer since the first meeting. And then the uniqueness of our products is nothing “interchangeable”, it is piece adapted to the vehicle. Any variation of the vehicle is internally engineered and assembled in Italgiunti's three plants in Borgaro Torinese.  

Each piece has its own need, every customer has several needs and Italgiunti satisfies them by considering individual peculiarities by maintaining its style, as result of more than 40 years of experience and research.

Global Customers

Italgiunti is recognized in the world as a reliable supplier and with high quality products.

During the past few years the company has evolved at the service of clients’ needs and it has expanded until covering all the five continents: from Europe to Australia, from Russia to Iran and from the United States to South Africa.

The Map is interactive and represents all the Countries where we supply certificated products and exclusively Made in Italy!

Italgiunti Official Brand
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