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ITALGIUNTI S.R.L. purposes are the consolidation and development of its own presence and competitiveness on the market. The ongoing improvement of both quality and flexibility of the products represents the main need, with the aim of satisfying customers’ desires.  

The Company’s management would like to achieve more than just a simple reality oriented to the CLIENT and his expectations. In a competitive environment, quality of goods and services represents an important strategic factor for the success in the sector where the company acts. Achieving the customer satisfaction through:

•    realization of products and services;
•    definition of adequate and effective communication methods with the client;
•    attention to the client, assessing risks of potential inefficiency and complaints;
•    availability of infrastructures and a workplace apt to satisfy the clients’ requirement and legal prescriptions.

Quality and sustainability are an inseparable combination for the Company: an excellent product has to be sustainable. The sustainability for the company is divided into three aspects: social, economic and environmental. The economic sustainability is pursued through the creation of value for all the counterparts, from the raw material producer to the customer. The social sustainability is based on the concept of individual growth and self-realization. In conclusion, the environmental sustainability is based on the respect of the planet through, for instance, the use of water-based paints and low-impact practices. 

For this purpose, the management considers the maintenance of implemented Quality Management System Certificate, according to UNI EN 1SO 9001:2015, as a consolidated commitment to achieve the goals above mentioned.      

QUALITY Italgiunti’s synonym 


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First among everyone, Italgiunti boasted of Dekra Quality System Certificate: ISO 9001, in other words Management System Certificate – Quality System – ISO 9001. 

ISO 9001 Certificate is an engine for the internal and external development of the company, more than an appreciated and recognized international certificate. 
Using this certificate, you will give more development science to your company and you will have more competitiveness on global markets. Moreover the decrease of both the internal mistakes and the employees’ ones, thanks to the continuous improvement, will make increase the customer and the employees’ satisfaction through well-defined processes.


From September 2015 ISO 9001:2015 rule came into force using the High Level Structure model, which makes the management systems easier.  

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